parental control tablet for kids
safest parental tab for kids
Baatu Enable tab for kids
Enable tab for kids
Baatu Enable tab for kids
Baatu Enable tab for kids

Enable Smart Tab

By Baatu

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25.65 cm (10.1”) Super Full HD Display for online classes, movies, and more | Dual Speakers for a rich audio experience
6000 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery | 8 MP Main Camera + 5 MP Front for super HD photos and videos
4 GB RAM | 64 GB ROM | Expandable Up to 128 GB for massive storage | 4G Voice Call (Single Sim, GSM, WCDMA) and WiFi
Android 12 | Processor: MediaTek | USB C connector for up-to 10x transfer speed
Rs. 15,999.00 Rs. 14,999.00 SAVE 6%
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    More than a Tablet

     Enable Smart Tab is India's first and safest Smart Tablet,
    |designed specifically for children to guide them on their digital journey.

     Enable Smart Tab has built-in safe surfing parental
    control features that monitor your child's activity and
    send you instant alerts if your child searches for or
    finds inappropriate or harmful content related to adult
    content, inappropriate language use, violence, suicide,
    substance usage, etc., Parents will also receive
    notifications about the tab's battery and the child's
    location. With Enable Protect your Child from
    Cyberbullying, Online Harassment, Digital Addiction,
    Inappropriate Content, and a lot more.

    Limited Alerts. Limitless Safety

    Enable sends you alerts only if any potential dangers are detected. No
    spamming. No Unnecessary panics

    Bad Content
    Bad Content
    Bad Content
    Bad Content
    Bad Content
    Bad Content
    Bad Content

    Ditch the Risk.
    Stay Safe, Parent Smart.

    Do it all with Enable!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The enable Tab has Safe Surfing features that no smart device has ever had. It helps parents monitor and guide their children's screen usage and kids have a safe online experience, making it India's 1st and Safest Smart Tab.

    Android 12

    Baatu app lets parents monitor their child's Enable Tab usage. By connecting the Baatu parent app to the child's device, parents can track usage, receive alerts and reports. Baatu App is available at both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

    Baatu is a Smart App, and Enable is a Smart Tab. Parents use the Baatu App to monitor their child’s Enable Tab usage.

    Yes, with Enable Tab, your child can download and play games. Parents can also see if any new apps/games are downloaded and can lock and unlock them using the Baatu App.

    Enable has a built-in safe surfing AI that monitors your child's search and content consumption. If any inappropriate or potentially harmful words/videos/images are detected, an alert will be sent to your mobile. With this, you can communicate openly with your child and guide them safely on their digital journey. If you need professional guidance on handling this situation,

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